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Metering pumps are engineered for use in injecting liquid(chemicals) with precise rate of flow that are required to purify contaminated water into clean one. These products had been wholly dependent on imports during the time of industrialization in this country. Cheonsei Ind. Co., Ltd. was established in 1980 with the aim of developing these metering pumps internally. It finally succeeded in putting out small-size pumps in 1990 and has expanded their applications in size and use and provided chemical pumps and systems to various industrial sites that have been technically differentiated and advanced. It has boasted of its technical prowess by obtaining such high-renowned local certifications as NEP, EPC, and Public Procurement Service’s Excellent Product and winning Premier’s Award (2011) and SMEs and Startups Minister’s Commendation (2018) for its leading role in the local metering pump market.

In addition, water quality measurement systems, which are closely related to water treatment and water quality maintenance together with metering pumps, have become one of the important elements, that are required by various industries in order to meet diverse water quality requirements. Water quality meter MESTAR+, launched by Cheonsei Ind. Co., Ltd. in 2019, is an upgraded version of the MESTAR products that are only capable of measuring pH/ORP levels. With this new one, customers can extend their measurement to RC (residual chlorine) and DO (dissolved oxygen). The series of development efforts enables the company to supply its advanced products to every corner of workplace, ranging from existing industrial sites such as sewage/waste water treatment plants, power generation facilities, and industrial plants to ordinary spaces of everyday life, where water measurements are required.

Cheonsei Ind. Co., Ltd. promises to devote itself to developing products required in the water environment sector that will not only provide value to customers but also enrich our lives. We are proud of growing and prospering together with our customers. Thank you.